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Mitigate Risks and Protect Your Users from Cyberattacks, Avoid the Yahoo Data Breach

Mitigate Risks and Protect Your Users from Cyberattacks, Avoid the Yahoo Data Breach

How do you protect against cyberattacks? If you're like most organizations, you have layered security defenses that safeguard common threat vectors at your endpoints, as well as your apps and services. You may even have training policies in place to teach your employees not to click on malware embedded in a phishing email.

Increasingly, however, bad actors are leveraging techniques that don't require human interaction. An attacker can compromise a website exploiting, say, a WordPress or Drupal plugin to automatically launch a browser exploit that can lock up your organization's files. This webinar, hosted by Zscaler, will walk you through some of these seemingly invisible attacks and show how its Cloud Security Platform can identify the root cause of attacks - and stop them before they can impact your business.


Even the best layered cybersecurity defenses can fall victim to an innovative attack. Worse, because these defenses have so many moving parts, detecting and mitigating cyberattacks is difficult to do before the damage is done. Simply put, you need a defense that provides visibility into root causes of these myriad attacks - so that you can protect against evolving, oftentimes relentless exploits.

In this exclusive webinar, Deepen Desai, Senior Director, Security Research and Gerard Festa, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Zscaler, will go through a real-time demo of a typical cyberattack. He will also delineate:

  • The evolution in the techniques cybercriminals are using to attack your systems;
  • Best practices and security recommendations to defend against multistage attacks; and
  • How Zscaler Cloud Security Platform can consolidate and harden your security posture.

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